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Fanfiction Master List

My Fanfic Masterlist

Harry Potter Fanfiction- Slash
Willful Misunderstanding- NC-17,
In his sixth year, Snape is nearly attacked by a werewolf in the Forbidden Forest. Miraculously, the werewolf disappears and onto the scene comes Remus Lupin-- and Snape assumes that Remus scared the werewolf away and saved his life

Cygnus atratus- NC-17: After the war, Remus' jealousy is sparked when a dark, mysterious stranger attaches herself to Severus

A Year In The Life- PG-13: Remus Lupin is always late

Descending- NC-17: Severus' embargo backfires in just the right way

Into The Woods- PG-13: Severus tracks Remus in the Marauder era, determined to figure out his secret. Remus tracks Severus after HBP and discovers another secret entirely.

Between The Lions- PG-13: Lions and Centurions and Timeturners, oh my!

Yes, Love?- R: Severus prepares a celebratory feast. Remus approves.

A Simple Misunderstanding- R: Severus finds something of Remus’ that makes him suspect his lover is kinkier than he ever believed

In For A Pound- Lightish R: Snape wakes up- not alone- to pounding at the door and pounding in his head.

Advisory Committee- PG-13: Dumbledore wants to help out an old friend and Remus and Severus end up watching the Buffy episode Halloween" to appease him.

Extract of Peppermint- NC-17: Seeing Remus with a bad cold and a "friend" named Henry triggers an unexpected response in Severus that he can only deal with through the creation of new potions

Misshelved- PG-13: MWPP-era: Remus isn't shelving books in alphabetical order. Severus isn't pleased.

The Potions Master's Plan- G: The things Severus will do for a potion. Or for his werewolf.

Slippery When Wet- NC-17: Remus sees red (quite literally) and he and Severus, er, work out some unresolved issues

Vincetoxic- PG-13: After not seeing Remus for a year, Severus discovers that something has gone terribly awry

Spring Cleaning- PG-13: Spring fever is in the air, and Remus isn't immune when he discovers something in Severus' wardrobe.

Addictions- R: Remus is acting strangely so Severus puts two and two together, comes up with five, and won't give him the wolfsbane

Up To No Good- NC-17: Severus finds Remus glowering in the library after they have a tiff

Stained Glass- G: One moment, looking through a window

To The Rescue- R: Severus encounters someone he’d rather not see which prompts Remus to come to the rescue.

Slash- Other pairings

Things We Said Today- Teddy/Bill, NC-17: A discovery in Andromeda Tonks' attic sends Teddy Lupin on a quest to find out the truth about his father. He is led to Bill Weasley, and he gets more questions than answers

Reddo Lacunum- Oliver/Marcus, Oliver/Salazar, Salazar/Godric- R: Oliver Wood leaves Marcus Flint a sharply worded note, only it isn't Marcus who answers him

Is That a Decoy Detonator in Your Pocket, Or Are You Happy to See Me?- George/Snape- NC-17: George Weasley is struggling to find his place in a new, post-war world. The injured, reticent refugee he discovers in the Forbidden Forest isn't part of his plans.

Going Down- Harry/Percy- NC-17: After tensions build at the office, Percy and Harry find a way to deal with it in close quarters

Indiana Jones and the Impossible Pyramid- crossover, Bill Weasley/Indiana Jones- NC-17: Sparks fly when Indiana Jones receives a surprising visitor and finds himself in Egypt in a pyramid that shouldn't exist, facing creatures of legend.

Salve- Ron/Snape- NC-17:
Snape wasn't expecting the person with the singed off hair to be the youngest Weasley male

Unexpected Things- Harry/Charlie- R: The last person Harry expected to see at the Burrow was Charlie Weasley

How it Looks- Cedric/Percy- R: Percy wants to talk to Cedric about cheating at the Tournament. It's not the Tournament at all that Cedric thinks they should talk about.

Seeking- Ron/Viktor- PG-13: Ron goes looking for Hermione, and Krum has to resort to drastic measures to save him from Death Eaters

Finite Incantatem- Percy/Oliver- PG-13: At the party after Gryffindor’s defeat of Slytherin at Quidditch, Oliver helps Percy out

A Taste Or Two- Remus/Harry- PG-13: Harry starts a new business, hoping to see one face in particular

Never Again- Harry/Severus- R: A brief encounter between two straight men who cannot understand their sudden attraction

1001 Yellow Daffodils- Remus/Lockhart- PG-13: Dumbledore sends Remus to get information out of someone. Hijinks ensue.

Nothing Left To Release- Severus/Lucius- R: Severus reflects on his life and his interactions with Lucius Malfoy

Harry Potter Fanfiction- Het, Femme, and Gen

clever_mischief- An ongoing, multi-chapter Fred/Hermione/George fic project written by inell and me

Other Ways to Celebrate the Last Match of the Season- Hermione/Charlie- NC-17: Charlie finds Hermione in the Gryffindor locker room and uses the situation to his full advantage

Persistence of Memory- Gen, PG: In the life that should have been the perfect fulfillment of her dream to live in Australia, Monica Wilkins struggles to understand why she feels so empty. In the past, Susan Granger sees a whole new world just waiting for her daughter to claim.

Bigger Broomsticks, Crunchier Kale, and One-Eyed Trouser Snakes- Gen, PG-13: There's more than one way to topple a dark lord...

Sketchbook- Dean/Hermione (unrequited) and Ron/Hermione- R: The artist captures moments for himself that weren't meant to be shared

Rhythm and Vocals- Fred/Hermione- NC-17: Hermione is irritated by an Incident and Fred sets out to make the situation better in typical Weasley fashion

Patchwork- Gen- Minerva, Molly, Hermione, Lily: Harry Potter isn't a weapon. He is a quilt.

Curvature- Hermione/Rosmerta- R: Rosmerta needs to stop feeling guilt and pain. Hermione just needs to start feeling.

Perthro- Hermione/Barty Crouch, Jr.- NC-17: When Hermione Granger signs on to help strengthen Azkaban's defenses, she has no idea what awaits in the Wing of Lost Souls

In The Box- Hermione/Fred- R: Through the spectre of death and the horror of war, Fred Weasley can't move past his desire for Hermione

One Night At The Burrow- Draco/Ginny- NC-17: Draco takes drastic measures to trick the Weasley family into liking him, much to Ginny's annoyance

Giggles- Harry/Luna- G: Cornered in an unbelievable situation, Harry is rescued by Luna and the most unlikely of helpers.

Where Your Strength Is- Hermione/Charlie- PG-13: Hermione has been shut away doing Order research for too long when Charlie is brought to Grimmauld Place, injured after an attack on the dragon preserve.

Oculus Reparo- Hermione/Charlie- PG-13: Hermione and Charlie work around a misunderstanding in the rain

Hogwarts Letters- Gen- G: Colin Creevey is petrified by the basilisk just after Halloween and lies in the Hogwarts infirmary until the spring; this is the story of how his Muggle parents deal with the news, and how they are dealt with

Other Fic
Champagne Birthday- Queen, Freddie/Brian- R for suggestive actions with a champagne bottle: Brian thinks Freddie deserves a proper champagne birthday

Topsy-Turvy- David Bowie/Alex Kapranos: Bowie goes to a Franz Ferdinand concert, gets backstage and quibbles with Alex over who should go down on whom

Layers of Life- Queen, Freddie/John- PG-13: John and Freddie have this exchange once a year, and John doesn't know if he can do it anymore.

Star Wars
Breath- Anakin/Obi-wan- NC-17: Training games

Worth a Shot- Luke/Mara- G: Luke resorts to drastic measures to prove Mara’s feelings to herself.

West Wing
Intercommunication- Josh/Donna- PG-13: from "unexpected pregnancy" prompt, set in the first campaign just after Donna begins working for Josh.

Hot Chocolate- Sam/Josh- PG-13- Sam brings Josh hot chocolate, which shakes Josh up more than one would think

Pig Rectums and Other Ratings Grabbers- MythBusters, Jamie/Adam- PG-13: The Mythbusters are disgusted to learn that they have to do a mindless sex-themed show to boost their ratings. Adam and Jamie go above and beyond the call of duty.
Strange Brew- Tea pr0n. Yes, that kind of tea.

In Which Eeyore Goes On Two Visititions- Winnie the Pooh, definitely not pron

Triangles- Angel, Spike/Gunn- PG: Lorne makes Spike sing, and certain truths about the vampire's feelings surface
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